Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Red Car

I realized in my last post that I reference Mr. VW without explanation. He is of course my other half and has a life long love affair with classic vw beetles. Hence, Mr. VW. After over a decade of togetherness, we eventually found his little love on the side of the road with a big 4 sale sign. Quick test drive and a match was made. We are a folk of little means :: little paychecks that is. But this little car has bought us all love -including the J's. Red73VW is suffering the effects of time, leaky windows and rain and needs some serious "pan" work, but we still love a quick zip around the countryside on a sunny afternoon. Here's the little beauty :: very photogenic, but slightly sadder looking up close. Nevertheless a family member.

Speaking of family members, I can't resist but to share these two little family members. Linus and Sally. Two of the Four canine members :: Pigpen, Linus, Lucie & Sally. Here is Mr. Linus, the senior gentleman of the pack who has in his old age mistaken my clean washing for a lovely soft place to sleep. We think his mind might be going a tad bit in his old least he didn't mistake it for a place to spend a penny. The other is the baby of the group, Sally aka "The Stomach" or "Log" for her vast expanse and love of the 'f' word :: food. Here she is even in sleep guarding her treat from the others.

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Carson Wininger said...

Red73VW seems to be in good shape, judging by the way you described the test drive. The car will live to see the day, something a few tweaks here and there will guarantee.