Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Stolen Hour....

I always feel like the first week after we "spring forward" an hour and change our clocks like someone stole an hour from me. It doesn't seem to matter that we have an extra hour of daylight and the days are getting warmer, for a week I reminded of the one hour I lost! A weekend hour at that!! I wonder why we can't spring forward say on a Friday say at 4pm? Or Wednesday at 10am? It would certainly make me and at least three people I know happpier..... Anyway, spring is on it's way. The Daff's are popping through in the front gardening and I am thinking about spring these from our garden this last year. Although this year, it seems they'll be in a different garden. :-\

I am off to "Granny Square" central, thanks to inspiration for Lucy at Attic24. Her granny squares are a colour inspiration!

Toodles.....Happy Weekend Lx

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