Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So a few months ago I found this book on Amazon. It was a real budget buster at $3.99 and it was in almost perfect condition, although now the dust cover is a little worse for wear.

My first project, was to make this sweet girl below. Being the only girl in a house of boys, I wished I had a little girl to make her for - but mostly as an excuse so I wouldn't be questioned as to why I was making a doll :-) She sits in my 'junk' basket on my sewing table and helps me with my projects. Occassionally she is 'kidnapped' by Little J who's intentions require me to save her from a boat load of playmobil pirates. Anyway, she was pretty simple to make. She has more 'pieces' than I thought she would have, her hair isn't quite what I would like it to be and she could do with a bit more 'stuffing', but I don't have the heart to take her head off (although I am sure Little J would love to help with that). Her shoes were way easier to make than I thought, although I have had no success with any of the many patterns for her other outfits as yet. Regardless, the book is jammed packed full of patterns for every creature under the sun, along with numerous dolls and patterns for their clothes. Best investment I have made in a book in a long time.
Last night I opened the book and thought I would tackle another project. The hippos looked like they would be fun - WRONG - biggest bugger of a time with darts that I couldn't figure out, and legs that wouldn't match up. Project status :: ABANDONED
Quickly I scanned the pages for a quick project as the evening was getting late. Ah! Owls! How hard can they be? They weren't, they were super simple. Of course mine turned out to look like what? I couldn't figure it out. So I brought in my chief project consultant - Little J, age 7. What do you think he thought it was? "Oh cool Mum! You made me a monster with fried egg eyes!....I love it!!!"
The book is now back on the shelf for the time being.....

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Goosey said...

What a find that book is, I like the owl and I think his fried egg eyes are great! I think his name should be Eggbert!
I once knitted a postman pat toy for my children but because I'm not a great knitter he had a misshaped back, I gave him away to the school gala to sell and my children brought him back!!!!