Monday, June 29, 2009

Four in a Row

A snuck in a small snippet of sewing the other between the summer madness. More houses to display around my house :-) We have been busy working on this house, which has sadly been neglected by my FIL & MIL. When Mr. VW and I were first married, poor (nothing changed there) and living in his parents basement we escaped here every weekend to 'play house'. However we moved about 4 hours away 12 years ago and the house has fallen upon sad times. This house has been in their family for 40 years, with no renovation since it was built 60 years ago - it still has many treasures which made my jaw drop and I will share later. Hopefully with some hard work, it will become our get away again!

Happy Summer Holidays to those enjoying them.....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Log Cabin, Bread & Brocolli

As with just about everyone else who has children on summer holidays, things have been really busy around the Gephart. I had the first week off to stay home with Little J before he started summer day camp, but my tooth decided that my only week of vacation this year would be better spent at the dentist or in a pain killer induced stupor on the sofa - thank you tooth for ruining my vacation - I now need a vacation 'do over'! Oh and as payback to my tooth, I had it yanked out on day four - ouch!
Anyway, we harvested so super sweet brocolli - yum!
We baked some delicious crusty bread - double yum!!
And I made some extra large log cabins (about 18 inches) - which only I think are triple yum!!!
The pictures of the log cabins are super faded out by the bright sun today - not often we can say 'bright' and 'sun' in the same sentence around here - it's usually 'lack of' and 'sun'.....
I am thinking about making about another 14 of these large log cabins, joining them with some white sashing for a quilt for our bed. Although I am a little concerned about the mammoth basting and quilting task that this will create.

Toodles.....L x

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sally takes a Slide

While cooking lunch today, I spied this little girl outside. I am not sure what she thinks she is doing, she doesn't look particularly comfortable. Anyway, Sally is the youngest of our four hounds at just a little over four years old. She is always bursting with energy and has just one thing on her mind at all times :: food. Hence her rather vast expanse. She's very lovable, even though she loves to chew up spools of thread!

Friday, June 5, 2009

House Love

The little town I live in, which we affectionately refer to as "the Patch" is still one of the few places left in the US where you can buy a untouched Victorian/turn of the 20th century home for under $50K. Granted they may take some time and work to be liveable and prices have gone up the last few years, there are still dozens of them out there. Its one of the reasons we moved here - it certainly wasn't for the vast shopping and employment opportunites (more like the lack of them). Well today, silly old me while browsing the current under $50K housing market in "the Patch" stumbled upon this beauty below. Actually the first site of the glorious red brick and original wrought iron fence, very nearly choked me I loved it so much. Well after quick ring to the estate agent and a fellow looky-loo secured I was off for the grand tour. Other than it needs a new roof, new wiring and new plumbing, oh and a kitchen and bathroom I am still in love. Even the comment of "holy panelling" in reference to the rather '70s interior from my looky-loo side kick I still love it. The wrought iron fence was perfect, the doors and windows decorative and original. The beautiful detail above each window and the curly cues on the window latches had me. I must admit I was nervous going into the walk up attic (even with the vision of the perfect teenage hangout) and far too scared to go down to the basement. After work I rushed home to show Mr. VW and then forced him into the car for a drive by. I thought the old fashioned brick paved street would deter him (we once many moons again lived on this street in a rental and he hated the bricks), but they didn't. Even he loved the house from the outside and double loved it when he saw the cute two car garage/workshop in the back - perfect for his little red toy.
Anyway, enough of these incoherant ramblings of house love. The reality of it is I have a lovely turn of the century home, which when purchased 10 years ago cost less than our car. I smile when I think I paid 10% of the cost of my sister's home back in Perth for mine :-) I have resigned myself that I can only dream about it (in additon to Mr. VW telling me to snap out of it) and to avoid such friday sillyness again I must block all real estate websites from my computer, well at work anyway.
So now I am lounging around on my Little J free night (he's on a sleep over), watching this movie and working on this......and secretly dreaming about a lovely brick Victorian on the other side of town....(don't tell Mr. VW).

PS - Am I the only loon who loves to look at real estate and falls in love with Victorian homes????

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cheeky Moggy :: AKA Pumpkin

Technically, we are a dog household and I think our preference is for dogs. After all we do have four of them and they practically rule the house. Sorry, no, they DO RULE our house - every square inch of it. Sometime last summer or the summer before Little J and I found a very thin teeny tiny kitten cold, wet and hungry in our hedge. He was quickly adopted and as we have four slightly psychotic dogs (especially when it comes to cats) he came in the house but stayed in the large dog carrier when we weren't around. Once he got a bit bigger, we would leave him on our front porch during the day - it was covered and we thought he was safe. He would walk down our front steps in the morning to say good bye and quickly run back up when we drove off. Anyway one day he disappeared and we never saw him again. Little J was devastated. So needless to say, it took very little persuading by my very persuasive boss for me to take one of the cats from a work colleague has a few (dozen I suspect) more cats than she can cope with. So Pumpkin, who was almost fully grown came home. I was very worried the first few days - the dogs were obsessive about finding and chasing him. It took Pumpkin about two weeks to dominate them and all he has to do now is give them a good whack on the head to tell them to back off.
He's a sweet thing, quite possible a sandwich (or three) short of a picnic and my goodness does he get into everything! I didn't realize that about cats. Hair everywhere! You can't be in the same room as him with out him pestering the heck out of you. Likes to chew on your clothes and loves to steal stuff off my sewing table. He has to be in the thick of everything!!! Anyway, before this becomes an epic, the reason for this rambling is my photos are crap tonight because that cheeky moggy would not leave me and the camera strap alone!

Take a photo of me, not your silly sewing woman!

I was desperate to do some sewing this weekend and love to make little quilts. They come together quickly and I use them all over the house on various tables and dresser tops. I am not wild about the one above and certainly had no love for it until I put the binding on. I quite like it now as long as I don't stop and study the colour combinations. They are crap :-) not quite sure what I was thinking. Anyway, as it was made from my stash, nothing lost.
I had seen people all over bloggerville making this lovely pin cushion. Of course now i can't remember where I have seen it on blogs, but I do remember it is an Anna Maria Horner pattern which I downloaded here. It was quite simple to make, although my petals are wonky, but hey that makes it more 'natural' looking right? It a whopper I'll tell you that. More like a small pillow really, but I LOVE the fact I have loads of room for all my different pins so I can keep them organized. It's a shame thats the only thing I have organized in my house :-)


Monday, June 1, 2009

The Garden

Well nothing ever quite works out in blogger the way I try to plan it. The photos go in however they please and take a life time load....oh well...
So today I was wandering around my garden. It's a short stroll here at the Gephart as most of our yard is on rather a steep incline. Which serves well for great views of the moutains, but not so much for gardening. Anyway, I planned to share my veggie patch photos first, but they go in as they please so we'll have to start with the few beauties I have in my little patch of green.
Here are again are the violets. I really only have one type of flowers in my yard that I plant each year and love. Violets are my favorite...they are so detailed and so darn hardy where we live!

The Sweet Williams don't get planted each year, they come back on their own. Even though in our area they are sold as annuals. These went in last year and although are nearly being choked out by the hostas, they are blooming beautifully.

There were more photos of the Sweet Williams that I tried to load, but as previously mentioned, blogger is being a bit of a b*gger today :-)

Now onto the veggie patch. Well it's not really a patch is it? More like a couple of pots and the front flower bed. I read over on the lovely Ms.Lockets blog that they had converted their front yard one year for veggies. Mr. VW would string me up if I dug up the lawn (all 10sqft of it), so I had to make do with the spot that normally has flowers. Beans, Peas and Cucumbers (or maybe Zuchini I can't remember)!

Oh and a couple of tomatoes in pots...which are doing well thus long as Little J keeps his distance, we may have a fresh tomato this year.

I also have a recycled sandbox up on the back hill with cabbages and brocolli growing, but I share those another day when they are actually looking like the aforementioned and not so much like weeds....
There has been some sewing and hooking action these last couple of weeks, but I am done with 'playing' with photos & blogger today, so stop by later this week for a look.
Toodles.....L x