Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cheeky Moggy :: AKA Pumpkin

Technically, we are a dog household and I think our preference is for dogs. After all we do have four of them and they practically rule the house. Sorry, no, they DO RULE our house - every square inch of it. Sometime last summer or the summer before Little J and I found a very thin teeny tiny kitten cold, wet and hungry in our hedge. He was quickly adopted and as we have four slightly psychotic dogs (especially when it comes to cats) he came in the house but stayed in the large dog carrier when we weren't around. Once he got a bit bigger, we would leave him on our front porch during the day - it was covered and we thought he was safe. He would walk down our front steps in the morning to say good bye and quickly run back up when we drove off. Anyway one day he disappeared and we never saw him again. Little J was devastated. So needless to say, it took very little persuading by my very persuasive boss for me to take one of the cats from a work colleague has a few (dozen I suspect) more cats than she can cope with. So Pumpkin, who was almost fully grown came home. I was very worried the first few days - the dogs were obsessive about finding and chasing him. It took Pumpkin about two weeks to dominate them and all he has to do now is give them a good whack on the head to tell them to back off.
He's a sweet thing, quite possible a sandwich (or three) short of a picnic and my goodness does he get into everything! I didn't realize that about cats. Hair everywhere! You can't be in the same room as him with out him pestering the heck out of you. Likes to chew on your clothes and loves to steal stuff off my sewing table. He has to be in the thick of everything!!! Anyway, before this becomes an epic, the reason for this rambling is my photos are crap tonight because that cheeky moggy would not leave me and the camera strap alone!

Take a photo of me, not your silly sewing woman!

I was desperate to do some sewing this weekend and love to make little quilts. They come together quickly and I use them all over the house on various tables and dresser tops. I am not wild about the one above and certainly had no love for it until I put the binding on. I quite like it now as long as I don't stop and study the colour combinations. They are crap :-) not quite sure what I was thinking. Anyway, as it was made from my stash, nothing lost.
I had seen people all over bloggerville making this lovely pin cushion. Of course now i can't remember where I have seen it on blogs, but I do remember it is an Anna Maria Horner pattern which I downloaded here. It was quite simple to make, although my petals are wonky, but hey that makes it more 'natural' looking right? It a whopper I'll tell you that. More like a small pillow really, but I LOVE the fact I have loads of room for all my different pins so I can keep them organized. It's a shame thats the only thing I have organized in my house :-)


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Felicity said...

Hi Louise
I love pin cushions, i have a couple now, my fave is my cath k toadstool one!!