Monday, June 29, 2009

Four in a Row

A snuck in a small snippet of sewing the other between the summer madness. More houses to display around my house :-) We have been busy working on this house, which has sadly been neglected by my FIL & MIL. When Mr. VW and I were first married, poor (nothing changed there) and living in his parents basement we escaped here every weekend to 'play house'. However we moved about 4 hours away 12 years ago and the house has fallen upon sad times. This house has been in their family for 40 years, with no renovation since it was built 60 years ago - it still has many treasures which made my jaw drop and I will share later. Hopefully with some hard work, it will become our get away again!

Happy Summer Holidays to those enjoying them.....

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Felicity said...

pretty patchwork!!
felicity xx