Monday, June 1, 2009

The Garden

Well nothing ever quite works out in blogger the way I try to plan it. The photos go in however they please and take a life time load....oh well...
So today I was wandering around my garden. It's a short stroll here at the Gephart as most of our yard is on rather a steep incline. Which serves well for great views of the moutains, but not so much for gardening. Anyway, I planned to share my veggie patch photos first, but they go in as they please so we'll have to start with the few beauties I have in my little patch of green.
Here are again are the violets. I really only have one type of flowers in my yard that I plant each year and love. Violets are my favorite...they are so detailed and so darn hardy where we live!

The Sweet Williams don't get planted each year, they come back on their own. Even though in our area they are sold as annuals. These went in last year and although are nearly being choked out by the hostas, they are blooming beautifully.

There were more photos of the Sweet Williams that I tried to load, but as previously mentioned, blogger is being a bit of a b*gger today :-)

Now onto the veggie patch. Well it's not really a patch is it? More like a couple of pots and the front flower bed. I read over on the lovely Ms.Lockets blog that they had converted their front yard one year for veggies. Mr. VW would string me up if I dug up the lawn (all 10sqft of it), so I had to make do with the spot that normally has flowers. Beans, Peas and Cucumbers (or maybe Zuchini I can't remember)!

Oh and a couple of tomatoes in pots...which are doing well thus long as Little J keeps his distance, we may have a fresh tomato this year.

I also have a recycled sandbox up on the back hill with cabbages and brocolli growing, but I share those another day when they are actually looking like the aforementioned and not so much like weeds....
There has been some sewing and hooking action these last couple of weeks, but I am done with 'playing' with photos & blogger today, so stop by later this week for a look.
Toodles.....L x

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