Friday, June 5, 2009

House Love

The little town I live in, which we affectionately refer to as "the Patch" is still one of the few places left in the US where you can buy a untouched Victorian/turn of the 20th century home for under $50K. Granted they may take some time and work to be liveable and prices have gone up the last few years, there are still dozens of them out there. Its one of the reasons we moved here - it certainly wasn't for the vast shopping and employment opportunites (more like the lack of them). Well today, silly old me while browsing the current under $50K housing market in "the Patch" stumbled upon this beauty below. Actually the first site of the glorious red brick and original wrought iron fence, very nearly choked me I loved it so much. Well after quick ring to the estate agent and a fellow looky-loo secured I was off for the grand tour. Other than it needs a new roof, new wiring and new plumbing, oh and a kitchen and bathroom I am still in love. Even the comment of "holy panelling" in reference to the rather '70s interior from my looky-loo side kick I still love it. The wrought iron fence was perfect, the doors and windows decorative and original. The beautiful detail above each window and the curly cues on the window latches had me. I must admit I was nervous going into the walk up attic (even with the vision of the perfect teenage hangout) and far too scared to go down to the basement. After work I rushed home to show Mr. VW and then forced him into the car for a drive by. I thought the old fashioned brick paved street would deter him (we once many moons again lived on this street in a rental and he hated the bricks), but they didn't. Even he loved the house from the outside and double loved it when he saw the cute two car garage/workshop in the back - perfect for his little red toy.
Anyway, enough of these incoherant ramblings of house love. The reality of it is I have a lovely turn of the century home, which when purchased 10 years ago cost less than our car. I smile when I think I paid 10% of the cost of my sister's home back in Perth for mine :-) I have resigned myself that I can only dream about it (in additon to Mr. VW telling me to snap out of it) and to avoid such friday sillyness again I must block all real estate websites from my computer, well at work anyway.
So now I am lounging around on my Little J free night (he's on a sleep over), watching this movie and working on this......and secretly dreaming about a lovely brick Victorian on the other side of town....(don't tell Mr. VW).

PS - Am I the only loon who loves to look at real estate and falls in love with Victorian homes????


Maureen said...

I love the colors of your blanket =)

Erna said...

thanks so much for your comment on my blog! you make wonderfull things...LOVE this blanket!