Monday, June 22, 2009

Log Cabin, Bread & Brocolli

As with just about everyone else who has children on summer holidays, things have been really busy around the Gephart. I had the first week off to stay home with Little J before he started summer day camp, but my tooth decided that my only week of vacation this year would be better spent at the dentist or in a pain killer induced stupor on the sofa - thank you tooth for ruining my vacation - I now need a vacation 'do over'! Oh and as payback to my tooth, I had it yanked out on day four - ouch!
Anyway, we harvested so super sweet brocolli - yum!
We baked some delicious crusty bread - double yum!!
And I made some extra large log cabins (about 18 inches) - which only I think are triple yum!!!
The pictures of the log cabins are super faded out by the bright sun today - not often we can say 'bright' and 'sun' in the same sentence around here - it's usually 'lack of' and 'sun'.....
I am thinking about making about another 14 of these large log cabins, joining them with some white sashing for a quilt for our bed. Although I am a little concerned about the mammoth basting and quilting task that this will create.

Toodles.....L x

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