Friday, July 24, 2009

The Little Chair

I found this lovely little chair while having a rummage through the mess at my in-law's summer house. It was broken into many pieces and missing a slat on the seat (not hard to guess where!). Lovely Mr. VW with much moaning and groaning (and comments of 'lovely firewood') helped cut a piece of wood to repair the seat. With a few drops of wood glue it was all fixed and I love it!!! I debated long and hard about whether to paint it and until I find the perfect shade, opted for a clear coat. Of course a little chair also need a little crochet....
It has been a challenge to keep Little J's bum out of it, but it's the perfect size for Mr. Bear.

I had a brain wave while at work today....curtain rings are the perfect way to display my little quilts on the shelf halfway down the stairs. It will be super easy to switch them out.
Finally, a couple of weeks ago I received my first "commission" - more likely a demand from my resident critic. Little J's request - "A sign please to keep you out of my room - because it's my room and I'm in charge. If you want to come in, you'll have to knock!". Seven year olds are lovely, aren't they?

Toodles and happy weekend!

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Felicity said...

i love the little chair, and also the sign for your son, i spent last night making owl toys for my son!! fliss xx