Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Red Quilt

Today just another little quilt for my collection. This one I hand stitched the top quilting, which I haven't done since I figured out the machine stippling method. I enjoy hand stitching these little quilts, it's quite rewarding to make the fabric crinkle with each stitch. The triangles of this quilt were left over from a much larger quilt and as I was tidying up the other day, I decided to make use of them. The red sashing fabric is one of my absolute favorites.

Not much luck with the photos today, my 'assistant' wasn't has focused as he needed to be! :-) Contrary to the photos, this quilt is much straighter than it appears.....not sure what was going on with the camera.

1 comment:

Felicity said...

my little assistant is the same, sometimes she grabs my wool and attempts to run off other times when shes not helping she sneaks in bites my feet and then leaves!! cats!!!
fliss xx