Saturday, August 29, 2009

Farewell Summer

It's been a lovely day here at the Gephart. The weather is sunny, with just one early morning shower to cool things down. Mr. VW and I have been busy in the garden getting ready for the arrival of Autumn or Fall as the folks over here like to call it. Tidying up the flower beds and trying to shoo away any bugs that might decide to take up residence in the house once the weather gets cool.
Autumn is certainly in the air, the weather is cooling and there are leaves to be swept off the patio each day. This afternoon I took a little walk (well really a few steps as we have a tiny lot) around the garden to capture what's left of the summer flowers.

The Rose of Sharon bush has some beautiful flowers this year - and is apparently home to some bees - do you see the cheeky bum of the one I couldn't persuade to move on while I took a photo?
The beans, peas and zucchini have been replaced by pots of lavender, rosemary and 'mum's on a bed of new cedar mulch (hopefully to keep the stinky bugs away that joined us last winter).

There are one of two pansies left, which you may remember from this post here way back in May.

The 'Mum's (Chrysanthemums) which I planted last year are beginning to bloom.

The butterfly bush is struggling to show it's last tiny flowers.

And to my surprise, the strawberry plants didn't crisp up in the heat of summer, they are now growing like mad and there were loads of strawberries!
I love the arrival of Autumn, getting ready to start back at school, buying new school clothes and supplies, the weather cooling down and the glorious views of the leaves changing on the mountains which surround our little Gephart. I try not to think about the fact it's a sign that old man winter is right around the corner. The farmers almanac tells us were going to have a snowing cold winter this year :: I sure hope those farmers at the almanac are wrong.......


marigold jam said...

How pretty your garden must look - loved your pics. I think many of us like the beginning of autumn whilst trying not to think further ahead to the long dreary winter months! It is good to hunker down to dark evenings indoors when there is time for crafting and to see the brilliant autumn colours which whilst they herald the end of sumnmer also have the beginnings of the new spring life hiding in there somewhere!


Lucy said...

Wow your garden looks great! Autumn is a lovely time of year i think, because of the lovely colours of the leaves as they cascade down from the trees. :) Hopefully it wont be very cold this year, but if it is, well i suppose crafting will be the best option!!

Heleen said...

Although autumn is in the air, your flowers look amazing! And how wonderful to have strawberries at the end of the summer! You must have a lovely garden and 'green fingers'.

The Garden Bell said...

The last moments of summer are always the hardest. But, just think of all the fall colors soon to come. Your garden still looks wonderful. Can't believe you still found a pansy.