Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello August

Well the summer is zipping by, August is here and it is finally getting warm. Not the nice warm like it is back home in Perth, but the hot, sticky, humid warm - bit like the tropics really, but without the white sand beaches and palm trees to compensate! I have finally my first proper granny square blanket completed, which you may remember from here. It had been left to 'age' for a while whilst I got distracted with other projects, but it is finally finished!
The squares are about as wonky as they come and Mr. VW's only comment was "It's a bit small isn't it for a blanket" ....humffff.... I reminded him that Little J could use it and it would cover him nicely. Anyway, no fancy yarn for this one, just left overs I had which were a bit scratchy...but after quick trip through the washer & dryer with heavy dose of fabric softener, it's really cuddly now. I think I am quite pleased with it. :-)


marigold jam said...

Well done you! I think your blankie is great and am sure you will get a lot of use out of it - it will be good as a "comfort" rug on cold evenings or in the car even if it isn't big enough to be a "proper" blanket. Take no notice of Mr VW!!


Felicity said...

its lovely, perfect as a lap blanket to snuggle under!
fliss xx