Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inspired by Marigold Jam

I just dropped by the lovely Marigold Jam and her post today could have been written by me!!!!! I too love to make bags and have her some thought process on them - they come together fast (no patience here) and they are useful - another plus is they generally use small amounts of fabric and therefore cost just a few $$$ to create. So here is a little gallery of my favorites (oh there are many more than this....but some inevitably end up in the "yep that didn't work" pile).
The Swirly Girly Bag. Now this is the first bag I like to say I 'designed'. Now by that I simply mean it was the first bag that wasn't a simple two squarish shapes put together - see the little 'pleat' in the front??? I made one fatal mistake with this bag. The fabric and lining are quite light weight and I failed to use any interfacing to stiffen it up so it's a bit floppy. :-) However, overall I like it - the photo is crap, so you may need to enlarge it to see it better (this probably applies to all the photos).

The Little Bird Bag. I love this bag. It has been used and abused....I wish I could have gotten a good photo of the lining - the fabric is my favorite. But I use this bag almost everyday.....the girls in my office love it. :-)

Patchwork Scrap. Now technically I didn't make the actual bag - but just gave it a make over. The front flap had some gawd awful embroidery on it (yes, I know how can embroidery be awful - trust me it was). So I flipped the front flap over and covered it in some left over 1 inch scraps. The pocket too suffered the same fate with awful embroidery, so I simply covered this over. I do really love this bag - it's quite a summery bag. Nice to sling over my shoulder and I love to see the patchwork each time I open it.
Now all this bag talk has me inspired to create a new one.....

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marigold jam said...

Thank you for your kind comments! Glad that I am not the only bag lady out here in blogland! I loved your idea of adding patchwork to the ready-made bag. I don't think I would have the skill to do that. Keep bagging!