Sunday, August 23, 2009

J + J + J = FUN!

Today we enjoyed the glorious sunshine and cooler weather and took all three J's for a trip to this lake. It's a challenge these days to wrangle all three of them at the same time into adventure - Middle J & Big J as teenagers have very busy calendars!!!!
The weather I have to say was near perfect - nice a warm in the sun for a swim, nice and cool in the shade for some crochet business (new project - sorry no photos yet). The boys had a fabulous time. Big J and Mr. VW engaged in some fishing, which apparently was quite unsuccessful and Middle J & Little J partook in some sand castle & swimming business. I of course observed all of this from the safety of my blanket!

Choice of sand or grass for my viewing position.
Little J & Middle J racing off to get their swim gear on. (Well Little J was the racing one, Middle J was a little less enthusiastic with Little J's idea of racing).

Big J & Little J enjoying finding stones to skim.

One last look back.
A small treasure presented to me by Big J as we were about to depart.....


marigold jam said...

What a lovely time you had! I bet that little cone will be added to your treasures too? Looks a lovely place for an outing.


Lucy said...

hi, i love your blog!! and will be following all the time :) come check mine out!! heh

Around the hook said...

ohhh nice!

How old is your J gang?

The Garden Bell said...

What a peacefully fun day you had. Looks a little like fall is in the air. Nice to enjoy those last days of summer. My crochet is call as well.