Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Patchwork Scrap

I noticed this little quilt as it was lying in the clean washing pile this afternoon. I made it some time ago, really just to practice my stippling and have a little patchwork fun. It's usually installed on the coffee table, but generally spends a considerable amount of time in the wash as Little J tends to spill EVERYTHING on it! :-) Anyway, I love the way it looks now after a few washes and was thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to have a bed size one!!!
P.S. I like to thank the folks at Eee Machines for being so generous has to load solitaire on my little laptop, because without it my Blog would be void of photos!!!! Why they heck do they take so blinking long to load some days???


marigold jam said...

How pretty! I love your little quilt.

Felicity said...

its really lovely, like a little rainbow! it would be lovely bed size! fliss xx

Around the hook said...

WoW! It's lovely! I really like it!

How does it look on the backside?