Monday, August 31, 2009

The Plot is Lost

Today is yet another beautiful sunny day at the Gephart. Summer is certainly leaving us graciously this year with lovely sunny cool days and pleasant clear nights. I am playing hooky from work today - with the boss's permission of course! Just taking the last day of school holidays to spend time preparing for the first day of school - well Little J starts Grade 2 tomorrow and Big J and Middle J don't go back till next week - they'll be a Senior and a Junior respectively this year.
The above photo is the view from our front porch - it doesn't do the view justice. As you can see we are well above street level (27 steps to be precise), which doesn't make us smile when it comes to hauling up shopping bags, but does afford a smirk with the beautiful view!
I found these two pals - Sally & Linus - surveying their domain from the ledge of the front porch. Generally they argue over who is going to get this prime barking location, but today they are too busy enjoying the view :-)
So in reality, although I should be preparing for tomorrow, I am again sucked into a new project - which involves recycling a pair of Little J's Levi's and some quilting scraps into a small bag. Hence the reason for my title - as Mr. VW completely avoiding making a comment when he asked what I was making. Generally he has something positive to say about my little projects, well not always positive, but he at least makes some sort of remark. So with no remark at all for the duration of the project I wonder if I had completely lost the plot on this bag making project.
Please, tell me, am I crazy?

I love it! I used the pockets, the side seams of the legs (the handle), the button and of course the back part of the jean legs (the fronts were worn and thread bare). Lined with my favorite fabric with extra pockets and I stiffened it with some interfacing.

It's small, probably could have been a wee bit bigger, but I don't carry much junk around so I think it will work. I did find it was the perfect size for my camera, ball of yarn, tiny scissors and a crochet hook! Does a girl need anything else in their bag???
Ok I am off now, I think it needs a finishing touch of some tiny crochet flowers....oh and I think Mr. VW might like it if he comes home to some dinner tonight for a change. :-0


marigold jam said...

I think your bag is brilliant - I love it!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Your not mad your a genius!! hehe It looks great never thought of doing something like that :)
Lucy x

Tabiboo said...

'Oooohhh' I like - it's fab!!

Nina x

ps. thank you for the inspiration with mine. Nxx

Around the hook said...

The bag is stunning! Really trendy!