Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Stitch from Home

The last time (4 yrs ago) I went home for a holiday - yes I still call this place home even after 18 years - my Mum helped me find these lovely little cross stitch patterns. She knew full well that even though I was on holiday and only home for 3 weeks, I wouldn't be able to keep my sewing fingers idle. I found them the other day while I was rummaging through my sewing box - actually I found quite a few little (and big) cross stitch patterns I have completed, but done nothing with. Some I even did when I first arrived here! These are my favorites - mostly because they are scenes from home and more because I remember spending evenings with my Mum and Dad chatting after Little J was tucked up in bed for the night. It was the last time I got to spend time with them..... Anyway, I am not really sure what to do with them? I have zero funds to have them professionally frame (the economy has hit us hard here at the Gephart with the lovely Mr. VW losing his job almost a year ago and having to take one at less than half the pay). So suggestions on how to display these would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry for the crap photos (again) it's late here and there is no light.
Quick update on Little J's ghoulish quilt - it's coming along wonderfully and I am now starting to really enjoy working on it! Little J is very excited by the progress I am making and hopefully it will be finished well before his big day.


marigold jam said...

How lovely they are but you don't say how big they are. Might they make up into cushions? Or could you mount them yourself onto squares of hardboard and hang them? Maybe you could find some frames for them in a charity shop? I do hope you find a way to display them as they are lovely and for you full of meaning and memories - you must have them where you can see them and not tucked away in your sewing box!


Around the hook said...

Wow the patterns are amazing!

Can't wait to see the finished quilt :D

Felicity said...

you could sew fabric borders around them and make them into a little wall hanging or a cushion, they are lovely! fliss xx