Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Tone Blue Zig Zag

Firstly, I must thank Mr. VW for permitting the purchase of my lovely two tone blue Zig Zag - lord knows he was a patient man as I surveyed the 1,000's (and I mean 1,000's - the place has been in business since the '50s) of machines during three trips to the one and only local sewing machine store. Now you are probably wondering why on earth I would purchase this old fashion metal clunker of a machine, when I have my fancy new Brother????
Well as much as I love my Brother, it is truly only fond of the gentler side of sewing. It does not enjoy the stippling of my quilts and can put up quite a protest with the various error messages it presents during the process along with several needles being bent and broken. I was advised that these old metal machines are far more enjoyable to use in the free motion stippling process and far sturdier with their solid metal gears - as opposed to the electronics and plastics of my little Brother.
So today at lunch time I whizzed down the mountain to the store to pick up my machine! I grinned like a Cheshire cat all the way back to work. Was worthless in the work effort for the rest of the day and this evening waited patiently for Mr. VW to arrive home to unload the machine from my car - thank heavens it was $5.99 pizza night at the local pizzeria, otherwise the family would have starved! I hurried him upstairs and quickly set up shop. There were a few colourful words (did I tell you I speak 'sailor' as a second language) to be shared as I quickly read the manual, threaded the machine and then proceeded to break the thread at every attempt to sew - perhaps I should have read EVERY WORD in the instructions for threading??? Like left to right for needle threading means left to right, not right to left! Anyway, this beauty sews like a dream and is remarkable quieter than my Brother.
Here is my first attempt to make something - a quick handful of scraps from the basket and a tiny little quilt (normally I don't machine stitch my binding, but I was loving sewing on this machine so much I couldn't help myself). Anyway, this is just a tiny sample for me to keep with my machine as a record of my first attempt to use it! :-)
Now I can really get stuck into making some lovely new quilts for winter..... :-)


marigold jam said...

I too can speak "sailor" and just did when the computer decided to play silly Bs while I am trying to post a comment. I wish I could run up a quilt - however tiny - so quickly I am still at the stage of taking forever to cut out the pieces and get them put together and have yet to master quilting let alone binding! Wish I lived near enough to pop round for a demonstration!!


Sara said...

Hello, I also have this same machine and was wondering if the manual or box tells you the year it was made?
Thank you,