Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ugly Quilting.....

.....well Little J won't agree with that title, as he chose the fabrics! As mentioned in my previous post, Little J has a birthday coming up. Well to be precise, it isn't until October 31st.....Halloween. Needless to say, being born on Halloween, our little Jack O Lantern, loves all things ghoulish! As soon as he spotted the Halloween fabric in the shops, he made his second commission request :: a Spoooooky Halloween quilt for my birthday please! He selected all the lovely fabrics and I was briskly put to work. Little J knows full well that although his birthday is more than two months away, it's best to crack the whip now or Mummy might never get done..... :-) So on this sticky hot Sunday, I have been sweating under the light of my sewing machine and the heat of a super hot iron.
Cutting squares....
Gathering scraps off the as not to destroy my vacuum cleaner later on when I am too lazy to pick them up :-)
Sewing squares....36 thus far!
This quilt still has a long way to go, it's hard to be inspired to sew when you don't particularly like the fabric....oh and your number one critic keeps popping in to crack the whip!!!


marigold jam said...

But how lovely that your little one wants some of Mummy's handiwork! Keep at it - it may not be to your taste but if it's what the customer wants....!


Around the hook said...

Wow it is really haloweeny!
Good for him that he likes haloween when he's born on it! (Not like me that got separated from my ex-bf on that same date ;P )

Courage for the rest of the quilt!