Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~ Army Recycling ~

Finding a school bag that both Little J and I agree upon, is always a challenge. Little J thinks he is 16, not nearly 8 and I have a tendency to forget he is no longer 4. So this year before the start of school when cleaning out the coat closet, I spied Mr. VW's old camouflage army jacket (when we were first married he was serving in the U.S. Army - the jacket no longer fits him as he has grown since then :-0 ) and I set to work on another recycled bag project :-)

I used almost every inch and item on the jacket - buttons, badges, name tag (which although really personalized the bag, I had to blur it out in the photo before posting), stretchy cord, lining and even the giant zip!
The handle is adjustable, just in case and heaven forbid Little J grows :-)
This badge is for the division Mr. VW served in - no clue what it was called. We met in Belgium many, many moons ago, he was stationed at S.H.A.P.E. and had some cushy office job - but I am certain the badge has nothing to do with Mr. VW being stationed there.
I even used the pockets - in tact - so Little J would have a safe place to put his glasses which get lost on a weekly basis.

The giant zip, which I was able to shorten ensures nothing falls out when the flap is closed and Little J flings it on the floor when he comes home.

I wasn't able to finish it before school started (I was too busy getting distracted and starting other new projects) and by then Little J had come across a very cool one at the shops which we both agreed upon. I am very pleased how well it turned out, although it is super heavy. Little J has used it a couple of times for school and he was quite proud to show it off to his friends!! I was quite relieved that he wasn't too embarrassed to use something his Mum had made, although I am sure that time will come......


The Garden Bell said...

Very cool job on the recycling. Been way too busy today if you read Attic 24... OMG... over 500 peekers... Freaked out... but loving it...

marigold jam said...

Gosh I am very impressed and I know what you mean about Little J growing to not want to be seen with a bag made by his Mum instead of a "must have label" one. Enjoy him whilst he is little or if not little then whilst he is not yet so big he won't want your handicrafts!

You are clever.

Jane x

Tabiboo said...

What a great job and I love the jacket into bag recycling - something any boy would love though I do have the same problems with my nine year old!!

take care,

Nina x

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

WOW the bag is fantastic! I should really start my own recycled bag project. :) I like the way you have recycled everything.
Lucy x

Around the hook said...

What good job you have done with that bag! Blimey! I want to have it too! It looks really nice!