Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bee Beautiful

As I was heading upstairs this evening to remove the 'Three Rings of Saturn' from the bath tub before Little J added a fourth, my bee lights on the fireplace caught me eye and made me smile.

Mr. VW isn't sure why we have outside fairy lights inside on the mantle, but I quite frankly don't care. They are one of my favority things in the living room, even during the day when they aren't lit up.


The Garden Bell said...

Very Cute. You will have to check my blog and look for my REAL honey bee tale.

The Garden Bell said...

Here is the link back...


marigold jam said...

How lovely your bees look and why shouldn't you have them there if they give you pleasure?! I like the new banner you've changed the left hand picture haven't you? I love the purple colours.

Jane x

Around the hook said...

Nice!!!!! The bee is cute! :-)

Edit: my dog isn't a puppy, he's 6 years old ;)

Have a nice day! Hope you have sunny weather!