Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Quilt Mark II

Here it finally is.......Little J's spooky Birthday Quilt MarK II. He was a tiny bit disappointed that it didn't include all of his original fabric choices (BQ Mark I is still in the closet and I am still too scared just yet to look at it). His initial comment to the quilt, pre-binding was, "Theres not much too it is there, Mummy?". Well to be honest after the disaster with the original version I was too terrified to make it anymore complicated!!!
I was super strong and went with his binding choice, reminding myself repeatly this was to be his quilt and he had been quite thoughtful with his fabric purchases. I can't say that I didn't make at least one feeble attempt sway him with my choice :-). I must admit that I am pleased with the green binding with it's tiny smiley spiders. This has actually turned out to be the largest quilt I have made thus far.
This is also probably the first quilt I have actually completed on time ~ with the birthday event aka halloween just 38 days away!
Edit :: I realized this evening that Little J isn't really so little anymore, being almost 8 years old. Upon exiting the car this evening he noticed the neighbour putting up halloween decorations, his comment "Look, how nice of that lady to put up decorations just to celebrate my birthday!" - with a smug smarty @rse smile on his face.


marigold jam said...

Gosh that's loively! I wish I could do something like that although I guess my fabric choice would be different to Little J's! The green border sets it all off nicely.

Jane x

Around the hook said...

Yay the blanket turns out really well! Spooky, but well!

Oh what a toughtfull neighbor ;) :P

My birthday is on friday, any chance you can make me a blanket :P?


The Garden Bell said...

Too adorable. Very charming for this spookie season. Turned out great

Yiota said...

As I was scrolling down your blog I came across the phrase 'need some tweaking'. "A 'You've Got Mail' fun no doubt", I thought, checked your profile and ta-dah ... I love all the films you've mentioned (except the last one which I've never heard of).
If you read my last post you'll find another quote from the film.
Boy, I love blogging!
Great quilt by the way!