Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy ~ 2nd ~ Day of School

Yes, it's happy 2nd day of school today.
Now you may wonder why I didn't post on the 1st day of school, as most normal folks would do. Well as with the start of every other school year, I was well prepared with the camera yesterday morning to take a snap of Little J on his 1st day of Grade 2. However : : two of our canine companions by the name of Linus (our geriatric Jack Russell) and Lucy (our senior Dachshund) decided three minutes before we were due to set out, that they would take a jaunt around the neighborhood! Both escaped from the back yard. Senile old Linus LOVES to run our street - which is busy and gives me heart failure when he does - and refuses to be caught until he is too tired to walk. Lucy has no clue what the plan is when she gets out and is a sandwich short of a picnic when it comes to figuring out what exactly she is doing on the other side of the fence and how to get back in.
So needless to say, I spent the morning running around like a headless chicken, searching for dogs and trying to catch them. No time for a photo and we were 15 minutes behind schedule, but luckily not late for school. Hence the photo this morning before we left...Little J, 7 years old and off to Grade 2!

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today was a far better today, thanks to a repaired fence and gorgeous weather - it has been chilly at night, but lovely during the day. I spent the evening on the front porch, watching Little J play with the neighborhood kids and un-picking the stipple stitching on the item below - don't ask - it makes me cry.
Half way through stippling Little J's B-Day quilt only to find out the tension was off on my machine and large chunks of the bottom thread were way too loose. So the crochet hook has been hung up for now, while I work on undoing all of this blessed stitching and practising my sailor speak (%@#*) :-)


Felicity said...

oh no it sounds hectic, what a day to run away!! glad your little boy is enjoying school, we start on monday it has been manic getting ready! fliss xx

Around the hook said...

Wow seem to have been a hectic school start!

When dogs are loose... well they really are! My beagle is always on lead, he ran away once, but still was little and without chasing insctinct!

Crap for the machine, and well... sailor language isn't that wrong... or is it? ;)

Lucy - Beads 14 said...

Very hectic, my first day back at school tommorow. Ahhhhh!! Hope the quilt goes well. :)
Lucy x