Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Lovely Little Journey

This morning, quite bright and early for a Saturday morning, especially for Mr. VW who likes (no LOVES) a Saturday morning lie in, Mr. VW decided we need to make a journey to the big smoke in order to purchase a new 'loo'..... Due to the limited selection in our immediate area, he felt it necessary to make the 1.25 hour journey to the nearest proper town which contains the Big Orange DIY store.
Initially I was not particularly amused, but Mr. VW is generally very accommodating with my weekend madness and I realized I would have a lovely car ride with time to work on the above item. So Little J and I happily piled in the car - Little J with trusty Nintendo DS in hand and I of course with a rather large bag of yarn and shiny hook.

Of course being engaging in some hooky goodness, I failed to notice upon arrival that we were not parked in front of aforementioned big orange store - but in fact in front of an enormous version of our local fabric store!!! A place I had been talking about visiting for months, but honestly thought it had gone in one ear and out the other with Mr. VW. I squealed with delight, Little J let out the loudest moan ever and we trooped in the door. Even Mr. VW came with me - a rare occurrence. He followed me dutifully up one isle and down the next until we had covered every square inch. He nodded in agreement as I present my fabric choices.
Didn't bat an eyelid at the price of the lovely thread box below (26 spools in a gorgeous rainbow of colours) and acted as the most gracious Sherpa carrying bolts of fabric and holding my handbag so I could examine various items.

Of course, we did purchase the purpose for our trip, however I figure no one would be interested in our new, shiny white porcelain bathroom item, so I skipped those photos :-)
On the way home as we rode up and down the mountains, I snapped the photo below - it's about as fuzzy as can be as we whizzed down the mountain, but I think it almost looks like a painting and am quite pleased with it.

Thank you Mr. VW for our lovely little journey are a real sweet hubby!


marigold jam said...

How super - your photo of the scenery looks lovely and any fuzziness (which I cannot see anyway) simply adds to the painterly quality. What a surprise for you to be taken to the fabric store and I love the box of threads - I have used up most of my spools of leftover threads for doing my crazy patchwork machining and am in the market for such a treasure myself! Love your new banner too - is that your handiwork?


Around the hook said...

Ohhh what a surprise! Lovely!


Have a nice sunday!

marigold jam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments - glad you like the stories of our time in France. You will stop me if I get boring won't you?!

Lucy-beads14 said...

Thats a great surprise, i love the patterns you chose very nice!!
Lucy x

Tabiboo said...

'Aaaawwww' how lovely.

Nina x

Felicity said...

oh so lovely, i like the look of the crochet! fliss xx