Friday, September 11, 2009


As fairly customary on every other Friday - that is the Friday my gracious employer half fills my pockets with silver - I stopped at the local fabric store to increase the Gephart national debt. Today's purchase :: boring muslin, equally boring white cotton fabric, scrummy all natural cotton batting (super soft and cuddly) and some 'skellytong' fabric (as Little J would say) for 'birthday quilt mark 2'. I chuckle each time he says it - skellytongs!!!!
Seriously, this guys don't look sensible enough to be skeletons, only skellytongs!
Sorry for the crap washed out photos, it's late, dark outside and I am knackered after a long patience testing day at cubeville (aka work). I do however, still have enough spark in to me work on my crochet love blankie. :-)
Happy weekend folks......
P.S. - even though the 'birthday quilt mark 2' in the first photo appears 'wonky', fear not, it is merely my poor photography skills and the fact I pinned it to the curtain so I could hang it up and take the photo :-)


Ashley said...

Just out blog hopping & thought i'd say hi! Would love if you came & checked out my freebies blog some time when you have a chance!

Tabiboo said...

It's coming along grand and I agree those skeletons are far too silly and the renaming of skellytongs is perfect!

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

marigold jam said...

It looks good to me. I dare say your family will adopt the new word for skellytongs now - isn't it funny the way certain things continue to have the "new" name even after the little ones know better? We still have cardboard pears (avacodos) and dods (dogs etc in our family and have to be careful to remember to use the proper name in public! Good luck with the quilt - youv'e got on fast with that haven't you.


Around the hook said...

skellytongs! That is really sweet!

I remember myself mixing up my 3 languages or saying things a bit wrong :-)

Have a lovely weekend

The Garden Bell said...

Very cute. Amazing what you can do with a just a little muslin to cheer it right up. Love the contrast. What else do we do on a Friday night beside take picture in the dark. I know the feeling... he-he.


The Garden Bell