Sunday, September 27, 2009


Thanks to the miserable weather yesterday when we finally made it back to the Canal for a Funnel Cake, all the stalls had shut up shop and gone home. It hasn't rained here significantly in months, but yesterday afternoon it made up for lost time. So no funnel cakes for us and I spent the afternoon engaged with Molly Chicken's fabric pompom tutorial. Let me tell you, this looks way easier, less time consuming and fiddly than it really is!!! But I think it is adorable and may, on a day when my patience is in abundance, make another one.
The canal/rail festival is still underway today, the sun has come out this afternoon, but instead of enjoying a delicious treat I have engaged in the mammoth task of cleaning out my linen cupboard. It was in a shameful state. I have a tendency to shove stuff in on any shelf and shut the door quickly!! I am constantly moaned at by Mr. VW who can never find right size sheets - I simply reassure him that he is not alone! :-) Once, when we first moved in to the Gephart about 10 years ago, my MIL came to dog sit for a few days while we were away. I was completely embarrassed upon our return to find out she had organized my linens! Surprisingly I haven't asked her to dog sit again - the shame was just too much for me to bear again.
Whilst cleaning out my closet and finding numerous table mats/runners I have created over the years I remembered I hadn't revealed my chooks! So here they are!
I hope to hang them above the window & sink in my kitchen - but that will involve the help of Mr. VW and he's on his back under the car changing oil right I'll have to put it on his to-do list! :-)


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

The chooks are very nice i love there lovely shades of orange and yellow.
have a lovely week
Lucy xx

marigold jam said...

Make sure he washes his hands well then before touching those fabulous chickens! Let us see what it looks like in situ won't you?

It that pom-pom is made how I think it is I have seen a scarf made by knotting scraps of yarn and fabric to a centre core yarn and very effective it looked too.

Sorry you didn't get your funnel cake after all but think of the waistline being that much less now!


The Garden Bell said...

What's a chook?...he-he.. I can tell, just never heard that term before. I'm heading over to the tutorial right now. Looks like to fun a project to pass up on. Thanks for the tip.