Thursday, September 24, 2009


The flu is visiting us this week at the Gephart - hopefully not the curly tail variety, which appears to receive limited media attention in this country, as compared to others. Little J and I have spent the day playing hookie from work/school, lying around watching a variety of movies - mostly his choice. This evening I plucked up enough energy to work on my crochet love blanket and some cross stitch which has taken my fancy lately.

Sorry again for the somewhat blurry photos - I don't quite know what the deal is with my camera. It looks like it has focused perfectly and then when I click it loses focus. I wonder if it is user error or the camera?


marigold jam said...

Do hope you will feel better soon. Pretty cross stitch detail - what is the whole going to be like?


Louise said...

Thank you so much for the well wishes. The cross stitch is quite tiny and the picture pretty much shows all there is going to be :-). It is supposed to be a pin cushion when finished, but it is quite tiny (only about 5cm) and I thought I might incorporate it into some patchwork.

Around the hook said...

Oh! Get better quickly!

Take care!

Around the hook said...

Are you and Little J feeling better today? Hope so!