Saturday, September 26, 2009

Train Pull

Not alot happens in our small town, it's generally quite a sleepy little place. However, it is home to a wonderful historic railroad and canal - not particularly unique if you live in the UK (gosh I must say I am jealous of the fabulous history you Brits have right on your doorstep), but quite unique for this neck of the world and it's literally right at the end of our street!!!
Today is the annual Rail/Canal Fest, which is normally causes an inundation of people to the train station and surrounding canal and therefore we generally try to avoid it (I don't particularly enjoy crowds). However, as it is wet, miserable, cold and gray, we decided it might be safe to go down for a bit of a looky-loo and watch teams attempt to pull the great locomotive. So with umbrella in hand we rushed out of the door to see if it is actually possible to pull this large locomotive.
There were minimal crowds, however it was quite cold and wet, but I do love this train. I am not a train person, but I am always impressed by the shear size of this train. Sometimes, when our bank account permits, we ride this lovely train on a cold winter's evening just before Christmas up the mountain to enjoy hot chocolate and a visit with Father Christmas at the other end. It's a lovely ride, especially if it is snowing, however it does require a second mortgage if you don't plan to ride alone.
The teams do actually manage to pull the train, surprisingly faster than I thought - even the local high school cheerleaders were able to make it move a few inches.
Little J quite enjoyed it (secretly so did I - I love being able to get so close to the engine) even though it was cold, smokey and involved quite a bit of standing.

After watching a few teams we decided to have a little wander around. Now we frequently go down to the canal - there are some wondeful artsy craftsy shops, a fabulous toy shop and the wonderful old canal to enjoy.
We said hello to the mules - who are bought in for the occasion. They were very sweet although not very cooperative with my poor photography skills.
I love the old stone walls of the canal.
We were home by lunch time - it become colder as the day progressed and started to rain more heavily than my umbrella could manage.
We may slip back down this evening to participate in a 'ghost tour' and gobble down a yummy funnel cake (or two) :-)
Edited :: for those readers on the other side of the pond or down under and are unfamiliar with a "funnel cake" - it is a delicious, scrumptious treat found mostly at fairs and amusement parks. Basically I believe it is batter of some sort which is deep fried and coated with icing sugar (powdered sugar) - it is quite possibly the most delicious american delight! The brilliant wikipedia can tell you more about this wonderful treat.


marigold jam said...

Am intrigued to know what funnel cake might be? Sounds like you had a fun time in spite of the weather and I loved the pictures too.



Around the hook said...


Thanks for showing us around your town! The steam train is absolutely WOW! I rode on one in scotland (the same as in the Harry potter films) it's a so peculiar feeling!
How cosy it must be just before christmas!


The Garden Bell said...

Marigold Jam-

I know, I know, I know,,, what a funnel cake is.... HEAVEN melting in your mouth.

Great pictures. I love the old train displays. Some really nice shots and compositions.

Louise said...

Yes!!! Funnel cakes are heaven melting in your mouth!!!!! Created by the Pennsylvania dutch they are deep fried batter coated with powdered sugar.
Jane :: Next time you are on this side of the pond, I highly recommend you seek out and try one of these delights! I have found very few food items in the almost two decades that I have lived in the US that I can honestly say I would miss if I left - but this is definitely one of them!!!

marigold jam said...

Thanks for letting me know what a funnel cake is - I think you can get something similar here usually at a stand in a market or at fairs etc. In France they used to seel something that sounds similar but with apple inside which was delicious too especially eaten whilst wandering round a night market!

Thanks for your comments on mine and if you ever do manage to get over again I'd love to meet up with you!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

all though it looks wet they can be some of the best days to get some piece :)
hope you have a nice week
Lucy x