Monday, September 28, 2009

Uneventful Monday

As you can see, I have been 'fiddling' around with the design of my blog. Did it surprise you when you clicked to see what Gephart 836 had been up to this fine September Monday? It sure surprised me when I clicked the 'save' button!!! Not quite sure I like it, right now it feels quite different and a little like it belongs to someone it may be a work in progress.
Today was a rather uneventful Monday. I was a little shaken upon my arrival at work this morning to find out our company had been 'acquired' (google Xerox if you are interested). It was a little unnerving. Even though I am just one of 74,000 employees who received the news, it still felt a bit like I had been sold at the market like a lamb - for a measly $6.4 billion!!! The boss was calm (nothing like an acquisition to set you into a blind panic about lay offs and redundancy!) and I was too busy to worry too much as I was looking forward to slipping out for the day at 2:15pm! Nothing like sneaking off early on a Monday to alleviate any Mondayitis..... :-)

Shame I was only leaving to take the old gentleman above to the vet. I think I worried more about this than the acquisition! He's an old guy and not been himself lately, so I was very relieved to hear from our lovely vet that he is just 'old' and behaving quite normally for his 12 years.

Sorry nothing exciting to share today, nothing really eventful, other than the glorious weather this evening which I have nothing to show for, except a few extra squares for my crochet love blankie. Little J skipped around in the front yard this evening while I enjoyed some hooking and the weather from my front porch.


marigold jam said...

Love the new banner - my reaction on opening the page "Oh she's changed the top of her page - how pretty"! Hope all goes OK with your job in spite of the acquisition and glad that your dog is OK. Enjoy the sunshine whilst you can. Happy Tuesday!


Around the hook said...

The new banner is great!

Indeed, it makes quite a change!

Give a big hug to the gentleman, he seems so cute!

Hope that it won't get to messy with the job!