Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Why is it the years I completely neglect my garden, I seem to get the best flowers???? This post was going to be about my latest project, but whilst burning the dinner and thinking about my latest project, I happened to notice some snapdragons growing in a basket on my back patio. Not a particularly remarkable thing to notice, I like snapdragons, they aren't unusual flowers to see in a garden, unless of course you haven't planted any in three years! Somehow, these lovely annual flowers have sprung up in the baskets that originally contained pansies and I even found a lovely yellow one growing under the stairs off the back patio.

So upon discovery of these little spots of gorgeousness (little gifts of colour directly from mother nature herself), I took that short wander I have been know to take around our itty bitty patch here at the Gephart.
Just take a look at the colour thats still hanging around our garden ::
The marigolds, grown from seeds that sweet Little J handed to me with love and a smile on Mothers Day - these are magnificent this year! A real shock of bright orange and yellow colour.
Geraniums.....still blooming, despite the neglect.
A simply ENORMOUS bush of red 'mums, which have miraculously survived from LAST year!!! :-0

An some lovely new 'mums for this year, in my favorite autumn colour - orange. These have only been at the Gephart a few weeks and I am in shock the bugs haven't eaten them yet! They don't usually last long around here.
Oh and the real reason for this post - chooks (aussie slang for 'chickens'). I love them.....Would have some if the city would adjust it's ordinances on farm yard animals. Oh and I didn't think chooks would drive our dogs bonkers in their pursuit to chase them!
They are a work in progress and need some 'tweaking'.....


marigold jam said...

Wow! What a colourful post. I was reminded of an amarylis (is that how you spell it?) that came up in our garden every year and which we had never planted - now a seed you could imagine being dropped by a bird but an amarylis bulb?!! Where did it come from? No idea but every year it blossomed out in the garden when they are normally grown as indoor plants here.

Loved your little chook.


Tabiboo said...

Such a wonderful colourful post.

Sometimes 'untouched' can make the most astonishing finds.

Nina x

marigold jam said...

Thanks for your kind words over on mine! No I won't give up or at least not yet! I love the sense of camaraderie we share in this blogging world and I guess I was really thinking out loud and will find my own answers to the questions I posed in due course.


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Lovely flowers how come when you neglect they always turn out best!!
Lucy xx