Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On the Needles

Well actually off the needles now, but I did have some knitting, albeit small knitting, on the needles earlier this week. I am absolutely desperate to learn how to do proper knitting. I mean I can knit, perl, cast on, cast off, increase and decrease - but - I can't read a pattern! Well not to knit something proper, like a jumper - which I would love to do and being a useful item, it would be so much easier to justify my excessive yarn purchases to Mr. VW. So anyway, earlier this week I thought I'd try to knit :: something/anything :: in the course of two evenings I managed to whip up this teeny tiny vest for the little doll I created a few months back. It's actually a combination of knitting and crochet and although serves absolutely no purpose, other than to give me a tiny (enormous actually) pleasure, I am quite pleased.

I have been surfing the web looking for the simplest of patterns to start and I found this pattern. Doesn't look to hard does it? I sort of envision a whole serious of them joined together to make a lovely throw? What do you think? Nuts? Well in anticipation that you don't all tell me I am loony, I have bought the yarn (simple, inexpensive cotton) below to test my skills.
I really need to finish my crochet love blankie first, but of course we all know that's not going to happen!!!
Four rounds left to go, two blue, two purple then a row of something fancy to finish. Hooking as fast as I can due to my uncontrollable excitement over starting a heart blankie.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

^ Golden & Blue ^

Not too many words today, just photos of the view from the front verandah and the woods behind our house.

View from the front verandah of lovers leap.

The most beautiful shades of gold I think I have ever seen.

The sky is the bluest blue and the trees look like gold.

A little present from my assistant Sally - better on a leaf than chewed up on the living room floor.

Little J's birthday shirt finally completed.

The countdown to Birthday VIII is coming to an end along with the glorious autumn colour mother nature has shared with us this year....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Bird Bag

Mr. VW said I needed another bag as much as he needed a hole in his head.....I asked him where he would like the hole?

One more day until the weekend. I am ready for the weekend. My brain needs a couple of days off work, so it doesn't feel so guilty about spending an entire day thinking about future crochet projects and not about work.

Although today, at work, in between thinking about crochet, I read molly chicken's blog (again) from start to her last post - don't tell my boss! Although it would explain why I randomly burst into laughter, quite loudly in our very quiet office. If you have a minute or need a seriously good laugh and some crafting inspiration, drop by.....I hope she has time to add a new post or two soon, although her blog is fabulous regardless and she is incredibly talented and makes the most wonderful things!

One last look at my latest creation....
Happy Friday.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brown Thumbs?

If a person who can't get anything to grow can be considered to have brown thumbs (as opposed to green fingers - least that's what my Mum used to say), then what do you call a person who is sewing challenged? Puckered fingers maybe? Well it's not that I am having problems with sewing so much, but with the maths involved with designing your own quilt pattern.....must follow more of the measure twice :: cut once plan.
Now, what shall I do with the scraps generated from my inability to slow down?

My new policy is going to have to be, think three times, measure twice, cut once :-)
Now I must get on with the handing stitching and get this finished.....before I abandon sewing completely. :-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

*** Harvest Hearts ***

Lovely Harvest Hearts a new work in progress....




and of course Brown....

Lovely autumn shades...

Perfect for the season....
A soon to be wall hanging for a girl I work with who purchased this lovely Moda fabric, but due to her RA is no longer able to put it to use. Of course, I gladly offered to create something lovely for her. I have never used Moda fabric, but have admired it many times on various website. It truly is as lovely as it appears online! Must start saving my coppers to purchase some of my own. :-)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Harpers Ferry

Saturday was quite possibly the wettest day of the rain all day....I mean ALL day - non-stop.
There was no glimmer of sun behind the clouds, just the greyest of grey clouds and never ending rain. Oh and it was cold - keep your hands in your pockets cold! :-)
Crossing the iron rails.....they were twice as wet and twice as COLD I think because we were over the water.
However, regardless of the forecast which predicted 90% rain (they were only 10% off because it rained 100% of the day) we packed up the car and whizzed off to Harpers Ferry to attempt to enjoy the activities planned for the 150th anniversary of John Brown.
I won't bore you with the details of who John Brown is - not that what he did or who he is is boring - but you can read more about him here.
Anywho, Harpers Ferry is a very quaint very old little town on the Potomac River which has been remarkably well preserved.
Lovely old stenciling (slanted wall) in an equally lovely old house! The stenciling on the straight wall is a new copy of the old = I loved this stenciling....Mr. VW confirmed I lost the plot when I took a photo.
Needless to say, regardless of weather, I was secretly very excited at the prospect of wandering the streets of an historic town. I had been reading about this little town and my research had informed that most of the buildings are set up in period style and open to the public, so I was itching to go there!
Little J joining the militia!
Unfortunately, despite my excitement, the weather was very down heartening and extremely damp and after four hours of wandering and me pleading with Little J to stay under the umbrella, we finally called it quits. Mr. VW promised me we would return another day when the forecast calls for slightly finer weather. So please Mr. Weather man, before the frigid winter sets in, forecast me a lovely weather day for a trip to Harpers Ferry!
Upon fiddling with the buttons on my camera in the car, I managed to snap a photo of the crochet love blankie - still a work in progress :-)
On the bright side of the day I did enjoy two hours of crochet and countryside on the car ride to and from. Which made up for the dreay day and lack of photos due to the pesky rain.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

:: Crochet on Cotton ::

Is this possibly the worlds largest dishcloth......least it started out as a dish cloth.....then I just kept going and going and going and simply couldn't stop!
After reading all the rave reviews about crochet cotton dishcloths, I thought I'd give it a go - they are small, so surely will whip up quickly and require next to nothing in yarn. So after frogging some unfortunate hexes (my first and worst attempt at them) and scouring the house for every scrap of cotton yarn, I got started and then simply couldn't stop.
I have decided that if I don't lose focus, it could potentially be a lovely picnic throw. For some reason, even though I occasionally worry it is taking on a 'tie dye' appearance, I am quite fond of this little beauty. :-)
Just when I feared this was no longer a blog about my crafting I have a post about crochet!!
P.S. If you want to enjoy some heavenly hexes, stop by Jessie's blog....she has created some real beauties!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn by Little J

Little J has picked up with my obsession to take photos of the fall colour - shame I haven't actually been able to take any!!! Anyway, today I gave Little J the camera to snap the fall foliage as we whizzed up and down the mountain on the ride in to and from school.
It takes about 8 minutes to get to school and of course the same amount of time to get back - during this time he managed to take 67 photos! They ranged from the side of a truck, the floor of the car, a close up of himself, the filthy windows of my car and very occasionally a semi decent photos of the foliage! We had quite a good giggle as we browsed through them this evening - anything with a glimmer of a leaf in it was classified as "brilliant" by Little J. These first two photos (above) are his - he is quite proud and quite frankly, for almost 8 I think he did a fine job :: they certainly made me smile :-)
After stopping at our local mall on the way home I snapped these two photos - I tried to take more but Little J was convinced he would turn to dust if he didn't get home immediately to eat pizza.
We may have the worlds smallest mall, but we have some seriously brilliant views from it at this time of the year.

On the way in the door with a steaming hot pizza in my hand, I noticed my Mums are looking quite magnificent for mid October - quite fond of these fall beauties - although I believe the resident ginger moggy has been using them as a hiding spot as the bush is quite flattened on one side.
And I was grinning from ear to ear at the site of my new door mat which Mr. VW had plopped down unbeknown to me - not just because it is seriously of my favorite animal, but because it only cost a whopping $8.....
Happy October....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Glorious Day Out......

The weather today was particularly generous in our neck of the woods - bluest of blue sky's, bright sunshine and mild temperatures. We packed our lunch and tripped off again to Fort Frederick, this time with camera in hand. I managed to take almost 100 snaps before my batteries died. I was in heaven at this place - they have the barracks set up as they were when the fort was built in the 1750's and I just love to study how things were way back then. So this is a photo heavy post and lucky you won't be bored with my senseless dribble for a change!!!

Took many many photos of beautiful yellow bench - had Mr. VW study it carefully for future nagging sessions from me for him to make me one. :-)
Little J not looking particularly amused :-)

The last photo I took before the camera batteries died was of this vintage sewing machine - how fitting I thought - it was almost completely in the dark (I think we had wandered into a part of the room that was off limits) so I couldn't see what it looked like until after I took the photo. Thank you flash :-)
We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with a picnic lunch and some playground fun before heading home. Little J has decided he'd like to come back for his birthday as we were told the cannons come out on the last weekend of the month and he is pretty excited to see them being fired - typical boy! I had such a wonderful time investigating the fort, that I have no objections to returning in a couple of weeks.