Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Bird Bag

Mr. VW said I needed another bag as much as he needed a hole in his head.....I asked him where he would like the hole?

One more day until the weekend. I am ready for the weekend. My brain needs a couple of days off work, so it doesn't feel so guilty about spending an entire day thinking about future crochet projects and not about work.

Although today, at work, in between thinking about crochet, I read molly chicken's blog (again) from start to her last post - don't tell my boss! Although it would explain why I randomly burst into laughter, quite loudly in our very quiet office. If you have a minute or need a seriously good laugh and some crafting inspiration, drop by.....I hope she has time to add a new post or two soon, although her blog is fabulous regardless and she is incredibly talented and makes the most wonderful things!

One last look at my latest creation....
Happy Friday.


Jessie At Home! said...

Very creative! The little retro bird tag is just great. You have a knack for bags, Miss Louise! Have a lovely day.
xo Jessie xo

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Hi Louise!
Thank you for the kind posts on my blog, that bag looks awesome its absolutely positively brilliant!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Have a nice weekend.
Lucy xx

marigold jam said...

It's fabulous Louise. I can understand your need for another bag - I have just made yet another myself - I'll post about it later so you can see.

I love how your little assistant's picture comes up next to the comment box each time - he/she's so cute!

Jane x

Around the hook said...

Yesss! The thing rocks! I like it! :-)

So have you inaugurated it? ;)