Tuesday, October 13, 2009

:: Crochet on Cotton ::

Is this possibly the worlds largest dishcloth......least it started out as a dish cloth.....then I just kept going and going and going and simply couldn't stop!
After reading all the rave reviews about crochet cotton dishcloths, I thought I'd give it a go - they are small, so surely will whip up quickly and require next to nothing in yarn. So after frogging some unfortunate hexes (my first and worst attempt at them) and scouring the house for every scrap of cotton yarn, I got started and then simply couldn't stop.
I have decided that if I don't lose focus, it could potentially be a lovely picnic throw. For some reason, even though I occasionally worry it is taking on a 'tie dye' appearance, I am quite fond of this little beauty. :-)
Just when I feared this was no longer a blog about my crafting I have a post about crochet!!
P.S. If you want to enjoy some heavenly hexes, stop by Jessie's blog....she has created some real beauties!!


The Garden Bell said...

So, this cracks me up... There must be an awful lot of dishes in your how.

But, I do love the colors

marigold jam said...

Love it - a little one like that would cheer up washing up no end but the large one will be lovely as a throw - I so like the random, tie-dye effect.

Jane :-)

Around the hook said...

Ohhhh it's so colourful! it's defo a great dishcloth! :D

It is great! :)


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

very colourful Wow Its great i love it!!
have a nice week
Lucy xx

Jessie At Home! said...

Oh, I LOVE the tie-dye effect. It is very charming. I think it would be just lovely at a picnic! And thanks for the kind words about my hexes.