Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn by Little J

Little J has picked up with my obsession to take photos of the fall colour - shame I haven't actually been able to take any!!! Anyway, today I gave Little J the camera to snap the fall foliage as we whizzed up and down the mountain on the ride in to and from school.
It takes about 8 minutes to get to school and of course the same amount of time to get back - during this time he managed to take 67 photos! They ranged from the side of a truck, the floor of the car, a close up of himself, the filthy windows of my car and very occasionally a semi decent photos of the foliage! We had quite a good giggle as we browsed through them this evening - anything with a glimmer of a leaf in it was classified as "brilliant" by Little J. These first two photos (above) are his - he is quite proud and quite frankly, for almost 8 I think he did a fine job :: they certainly made me smile :-)
After stopping at our local mall on the way home I snapped these two photos - I tried to take more but Little J was convinced he would turn to dust if he didn't get home immediately to eat pizza.
We may have the worlds smallest mall, but we have some seriously brilliant views from it at this time of the year.

On the way in the door with a steaming hot pizza in my hand, I noticed my Mums are looking quite magnificent for mid October - quite fond of these fall beauties - although I believe the resident ginger moggy has been using them as a hiding spot as the bush is quite flattened on one side.
And I was grinning from ear to ear at the site of my new door mat which Mr. VW had plopped down unbeknown to me - not just because it is seriously of my favorite animal, but because it only cost a whopping $8.....
Happy October....


The Garden Bell said...

Little J should be very proud of his fall colors. You are way more along than we are here, but our mums all got frozen the last two nights and are on their way out already... boo-hoo... Love the color of yours.

marigold jam said...

You have a budding photographer there by the look of it! Lovely colours - we too have some stunning foliage this autumn. Whata find that doormat is too.

Jane x

Tabiboo said...

'Oh' a good job indeed!! There is nothing I like more then trees and even better if they are trees in Autumn - they are perfect pictures.

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

Around the hook said...

Little J's pictures rocks! :)

Taking pictures of everything and nothing IS fun ;) .. even when 11 years older that Little J!

The colours are beautiful! We haven't had those colours yet but they are on there way!

Hmmm pizza... I would do with some! You don't do home delivery?... In Europe? To bad ;)

Oh... are you wearing Kickers?


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

very nice pictures congratulate little J from :)
thank you for your very nice comments on my blog
have a nice week
Lucy x