Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Glorious Day Out......

The weather today was particularly generous in our neck of the woods - bluest of blue sky's, bright sunshine and mild temperatures. We packed our lunch and tripped off again to Fort Frederick, this time with camera in hand. I managed to take almost 100 snaps before my batteries died. I was in heaven at this place - they have the barracks set up as they were when the fort was built in the 1750's and I just love to study how things were way back then. So this is a photo heavy post and lucky you won't be bored with my senseless dribble for a change!!!

Took many many photos of beautiful yellow bench - had Mr. VW study it carefully for future nagging sessions from me for him to make me one. :-)
Little J not looking particularly amused :-)

The last photo I took before the camera batteries died was of this vintage sewing machine - how fitting I thought - it was almost completely in the dark (I think we had wandered into a part of the room that was off limits) so I couldn't see what it looked like until after I took the photo. Thank you flash :-)
We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with a picnic lunch and some playground fun before heading home. Little J has decided he'd like to come back for his birthday as we were told the cannons come out on the last weekend of the month and he is pretty excited to see them being fired - typical boy! I had such a wonderful time investigating the fort, that I have no objections to returning in a couple of weeks.


Around the hook said...

Oh what a nice place it seems to be!

Little J must have liked the gun demonstration?

So tired, didn't even read all your text :-(

See you!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

The pictures are great lots of interesting things to investigate :)
have a nice week
Lucy x

Tabiboo said...

Such wonderful pictures and so much history. Is your little man a tad bored or just fed up??

Nina x