Sunday, October 18, 2009

Harpers Ferry

Saturday was quite possibly the wettest day of the rain all day....I mean ALL day - non-stop.
There was no glimmer of sun behind the clouds, just the greyest of grey clouds and never ending rain. Oh and it was cold - keep your hands in your pockets cold! :-)
Crossing the iron rails.....they were twice as wet and twice as COLD I think because we were over the water.
However, regardless of the forecast which predicted 90% rain (they were only 10% off because it rained 100% of the day) we packed up the car and whizzed off to Harpers Ferry to attempt to enjoy the activities planned for the 150th anniversary of John Brown.
I won't bore you with the details of who John Brown is - not that what he did or who he is is boring - but you can read more about him here.
Anywho, Harpers Ferry is a very quaint very old little town on the Potomac River which has been remarkably well preserved.
Lovely old stenciling (slanted wall) in an equally lovely old house! The stenciling on the straight wall is a new copy of the old = I loved this stenciling....Mr. VW confirmed I lost the plot when I took a photo.
Needless to say, regardless of weather, I was secretly very excited at the prospect of wandering the streets of an historic town. I had been reading about this little town and my research had informed that most of the buildings are set up in period style and open to the public, so I was itching to go there!
Little J joining the militia!
Unfortunately, despite my excitement, the weather was very down heartening and extremely damp and after four hours of wandering and me pleading with Little J to stay under the umbrella, we finally called it quits. Mr. VW promised me we would return another day when the forecast calls for slightly finer weather. So please Mr. Weather man, before the frigid winter sets in, forecast me a lovely weather day for a trip to Harpers Ferry!
Upon fiddling with the buttons on my camera in the car, I managed to snap a photo of the crochet love blankie - still a work in progress :-)
On the bright side of the day I did enjoy two hours of crochet and countryside on the car ride to and from. Which made up for the dreay day and lack of photos due to the pesky rain.


marigold jam said...

What a shame it was so wet for you. I remember going to Harper's Ferry on a hot summer's day back in '76 and again in '87 when visiting our American friends. It was a lovely town as I remember. Better luck next time.

Jane x

Yiota said...

I love old historic towns and although you can't enjoy them in rainy weather, I think it adds to the quaint atmosphere.

Around the hook said...

it seems to be a nice town, hope you can manage there soon again!

Ohhh you're lucky to be able to crochet in cars, i just get sick! Can't wait to see the final pictures of Blankie!