Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On the Needles

Well actually off the needles now, but I did have some knitting, albeit small knitting, on the needles earlier this week. I am absolutely desperate to learn how to do proper knitting. I mean I can knit, perl, cast on, cast off, increase and decrease - but - I can't read a pattern! Well not to knit something proper, like a jumper - which I would love to do and being a useful item, it would be so much easier to justify my excessive yarn purchases to Mr. VW. So anyway, earlier this week I thought I'd try to knit :: something/anything :: in the course of two evenings I managed to whip up this teeny tiny vest for the little doll I created a few months back. It's actually a combination of knitting and crochet and although serves absolutely no purpose, other than to give me a tiny (enormous actually) pleasure, I am quite pleased.

I have been surfing the web looking for the simplest of patterns to start and I found this pattern. Doesn't look to hard does it? I sort of envision a whole serious of them joined together to make a lovely throw? What do you think? Nuts? Well in anticipation that you don't all tell me I am loony, I have bought the yarn (simple, inexpensive cotton) below to test my skills.
I really need to finish my crochet love blankie first, but of course we all know that's not going to happen!!!
Four rounds left to go, two blue, two purple then a row of something fancy to finish. Hooking as fast as I can due to my uncontrollable excitement over starting a heart blankie.


Around the hook said...

Put those needles down! Now! I want to see THAT blankie first!!!!!

Well that is also because I don't knit eather (and far worse than you!) and that blankie just seems to come out NICE NICE NICE!

Jessie At Home! said...

The vest is adorable! The pattern looks easy enough. You can get a row counter that slips on your needle, very useful, and hard to loose! A row counter will be very valuable for this pattern. I'm looking forward to the finished blankie and the start of the heart blanket!

Tabiboo said...

I know that feeling - I've learnt the basics with all my crafts, but need that push to start reading a pattern.

Good luck with your blanket and pattern reading.