Monday, November 16, 2009

:: 9 Square ::

Little J has literally dozens of t-shirts - t-shirts from all over the world, thanks to a family in the far flung corners of the globe and our travels. I unfortunately get rather attached to them, even though like most boys they get rather grubby on the front. So upon sorting through them the other day, those which were beyond a state good enough for donation had the backs (which remain clean) cut into neat little 4 inch squares.
The ultimate recycling project has begun!

9 square blocks for a recycled t-shirt quilt!

Most blues, browns, reds and greens :: no girly colours :-( except one heather purple t-shirt.

I haven't started sewing them together yet - still many more t-shirts to chop up yet!
But I had to lay them out to get a feel for this project - so far I am liking it - but not poor old Linus who was tired and desperate for bed. Perhaps this will make him and his three sisters a lovely new bed or a nice picnic blanket for next summer?


marigold jam said...

Looks good to me! Recycling at its best I'd say!


Jessie At Home! said...

What a fun little project! I have a tee shirt quilt I made from the shirts I got for all the shows I did in high school. It's packed away at the moment, but it is a great memory when I use it. I've been thinking about making tee shirt yarn with our old tees for some future project - maybe market bags. Recycling can really bring out the creativity in us! (and keep the hubbies happy, little to no new money spent!)

Around the hook said...

Nice way of recycling! It will look very nice I think!

And for your post below, with the basket, I think it looks absolutely stunning! mustn't have been simple to make!

Is the flu over? Hope so!

Annalisa said...

wonderful work,and great idea!I love it!