Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Black Cat Chair

Just down the road from me is a shop, an antique shop, what I mean by 'just' is that you can walk there in 5 minutes. There aren't many places you can walk to here at the Gephart. Anyway, just down the road is this little shop, Black Cat Antiques. It looks like it's abandoned, everything is super dusty and it's NEVER open. Except on days when I whiz by in the car always in too much of a hurry to stop. Well anyway, about two weeks ago it was actually open, probably the third time I have seen it open AND shock horror surprise, Mr. VW offered to stop - something he almost never does when it comes to browsing in antique/thrift shops when Little J is around (he's a bit like a bull in a china shop - Little J that is not Mr. VW).
Ok so to keep this post short, as I have a certain crochet love blankie calling me for it's final round, I of course leapt at the chance to have a peek. Now even though the gentleman behind the counter looked like he would be more at home on a shiny chrome motorbike, he was actually quite lovely and willing to haggle! So what did I snap up for a tiny sum after some gentle haggling with Mr. Hairybiker and eye rolling from Mr. VW?
A filthy pink children's chair!
Disgustingly filthy and apparently from the 1930's.
So far I have only had a chance to scrub it (above - still not perfectly clean and it has a stain on the seat), but I THINK I might like to paint it?
Not sure what colour, but I am open to your suggestions!


marigold jam said...

What a cute find Louise! If it was mine I'd paint it a soft lavendery blue as that is a colour I love. You could make a little cushion from some of your patchwork to put on it and then you could pick a colour to go with whatever colours you use in the patchwork couldn't you? With your patchwork skills it wouldn't take you long (with mine it might take a few years!).

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Life in the Limousin blog - I was wondering if anyone would find it so was even more happy than usual to know you enjoyed it!

The Black Cat shop sounds intriguing and reminds me of a place called Mr Ed's that we visited when in your neck of the woods years ago which was crammed with every sort of junk including some really nice pieces!

Jane x

Around the hook said...


For the chair, I would have painted it a light pistacchio, like my room infact! Or at least lighty colours, egg-white etc...


Jessie At Home! said...

Hmm...I'd paint it as art! Just give it a nice bright base coat and take some small brushes and bright colors and paint. Dots, stripes, flowers, squiggles, just have fun!! That's what I would like to do with a cute little chair like that.

Tabiboo said...

I love the chair and even better for a bargain though I actually quite like the colour so I would probably just give it a clean up!

Nina x