Sunday, November 8, 2009

From the Needle to the Hook

You may remember from just a couple of posts ago that I thought I might dip my toe in the knitting pool. Let's just say, it's a good thing i stepped in at the shallow end! My first red heart turned out quite nicely, it was time consuming, almost three nights for one red heart.
Time consuming that is as compared to crochet and took more concentration than I think I am capable of. The knitting needles, metal shiny pink things gave me some grief. So I thought I would try some bamboo ones. Ohhh they were so lovely to knit with! So much softer (if that's possible) and easier on the hands. So another two nights of me clickity clackety with the needles in front of the telly and a lovely blue heart appeared.
I was quite delighted with my blue and red heart. Excited to lay them side by side.
And I believe my the exact word out of my mouth were WTF? Now, being relatively new to the knitting world, I assumed that metal and bamboo needles of the same size would produce similar sized items when using the same pattern. Apparently I was wrong. No amount of stretching and ironing was ever going to make them the same size.
So I picked up my trusty hook....
And started adding a few rows of crochet.
And hopefully with a few more rows, they will be two lovely pillow covers for my sofa.
Mr. VW chose the colour combination for the blue heart on our long (2.5hrs) journey yesterday to the big smoke of Pittsburgh. A long over due visit to that wonderful blue and yellow Swedish emporium.
More about that tomorrow......


The Garden Bell said...

Welcome back to Hooker'sville... Don't ever journey over there too seriously, one could get hurt, very very hurt. I know, I know it looks so much better than crocheting. I truely love your red and blue hearts (adorable), but these last one's Dorthy would say,... there's no place like home, there's no place like home....glad to see you clicked your ruby slippers three times and came back home to crochetville.

P.S. I love both...he-he..

marigold jam said...

Those hearts are lovely - was the yarn the same thickness as if not that might account for the difference in size or perhaps it was just because you held the lovely bamboo needles differently if they were easier to knit with. Don't give up on knitting - there;s no reason why you shouldn't do both as I do. I think the use of both in your cushion covers looks great - start a new trend!

Your hearts remind me that I said I'd let you have the parrern for the little hearts - I will do that later.



Around the hook said...

You said swedish? Home sweet home :-)

You did it! Lovely! The hearts are brilliant! I still do prefer The Hook! It's annoying having constantly 2 hands occupied in my opinion!


Annalisa said...

I think those hearts look really lovely(the blue it's simply wonderful)..and what a clever idea making cushions!!You gave me a good tip :).Great work!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

The hearts are great!!good idea to ,make them into cushions. I did a spot of knitting and all i could luster the strength and patience to do was a phone sock!!! Well i suppose it is a start. :)
Lucy xx

Jessie At Home! said...

The hearts still look lovely, even if they aren't the same size. I'm sure if you used the same needles the whole time, you would do wonderfully! I do really enjoy the look of the knitted square with the crochet around it.