Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween :: Birthday VIII

Well we had a hectic birthday schedule yesterday, but I had to post a "Happy 8th Birthday Little J"!!!
We had a glorious Halloween day, the weather was outstanding and unseasonably warm and quite sunny - although in the photo above the sky looks quite grim :-)
As requested by Little J we trotted off again to Fort Frederick, although we were missing a member of our party - Little J's friend, Mr T, who was struck down with potentially the H1N1. Little J & Mr T have been friends since they were babies, so they were both quite disappointed they couldn't share the day together. Anyway, Little J quickly got over his disappointment and we all thoroughly enjoyed the cannon firing.
My was the cannon firing LOUD! I am glad they only did it twice as it goes right through you......Little J was very impressed. I tried in vain to upload the video of the cannon firing, but blogger loves loading video, even more than it loves loading photos!!!! :-(
We were lucky, almost as soon as we left Fort Frederick for a trip to the big toy store to spend birthday money, the weather changed to cold and wet. As soon as we were back in the Gephart the rain stopped and we spent the evening enjoying the trick or treaters from our front veranda.

Today is another sunny day, we are enjoying our 'extra' hour and recovering from the overload of sugar and cake last night.....


marigold jam said...

Looks like you had a good day and Happy Birthday to Little J. See he is wearing the shirt!

I am convinced we have been to Fort Frederick - it looks really familiar and my husband is currently going through a pile of old leaflets he had hidden away(!) to see if we have one of the place! We were staying in a cabin in The Woods - a resort between Martinsburg and Berkley Springs. I saw so many such places and so many Civil War battlefields etc I was quite addled by it all! D is an American Civil War buff!

So it looks as if we have been to yet another area in your neck of the woods!

Jane x

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Looks like you had a great day, Isnt autumn fun!!
Have a nice week.
Lucy xx

Around the hook said...

Happy Birthday to little J!

Hope Mr T will be better soon!

Haha he looks great in that T-Shirt!
Oh I would love have seen that canon firing! Must have been really impressive!


Annalisa said...

Wish Little J. happy birthday from me too!
Seems that you all had a good day,
take care,

Felicity said...

it looks like you had a good day, i hope little j had a very happy birthday!