Friday, November 13, 2009

A Mouse in the House

Excuse me if my head seems in a bit of a muddle or low, my week has been emotionally challenging and now I have come down with the flu....hopefully of just the standard variety. So, thankfully today is Friday and have assured myself that those people in life that make hurting peoples feelings a sport for their own enjoyment will get their comeuppance :: either in this world or the next :: and I will eventually get over the flu. Sorry just had to get that off my chest - the first bit that is, not the bit about the flu. Hopefully medicine will get the flu bit gone.
So, what has brought me a little cheer this week???? A Swedish mouse and some dotty tins! From my lovely trip to the big blue & yellow on Saturday.

Aren't they fab? Perfect I thought for those tiny balls of wool I refused to throw away and my other sewing and woolly crafty bits and bobs.

Isn't she sweet? I love the adorable fabric of her ears and stripey sleeves!

I won't tell you the look on Mr. VW and Little J's face when I picked her up and plopped her in the basket :: I didn't know eyes could roll completely round like that?


The Garden Bell said...

Hope you are feeling better real soon. Too cute of a mouse to let out of the house. And the tins are "too die for"... love,love,love...

Have a relaxing weekend and feel back to your old self soon.

marigold jam said...

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well and do hope you will be better soon. Sorry too that your feelings were hjurt (could it possibly be that you were particularly vulnerable due to coming down with flu?) Either way don't let it get to you!

Love that little mouse - can quite see why you picked her up and those tins are very pretty too and will give a lift to your day no doubt.

Get well soon. Have a peaceful weekend.

Jane x

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Hope you feel better soon!! the little mousie is soooooo cute, and those tins are (i would imagine) very usefull!! have a nice weekend
Lucy xx

Around the hook said...

Hope you're better! Flu isn't fun!!!!
I had mononucleosis last year, it was horrible being that sick, haven't had kind of real big flu for a longtime so.. well get better!!!!

That little mouse is soooo Sweet! And those tins are very colourful, nice!!!

Hope this week will be better!