Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just a very brief post today. Sorry, I know you are all sitting poised on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about my trip to Pittsburgh on Saturday :: he he he :: Thank goodness you are not, because this post has to be lightening fast today. Here's how my Tuesday has gone so far:
1. Lost mobile phone charger - found upon sitting down at computer to set up a newly purchased replacement phone with charger!! Fortunately a new phone was the same price as a replacement charger and I don't not live and die by my mobile like some.
2. IPOD died = My beloved IPOD corrupt and un-restoreable. It has been my daily at work savior these last two years - sounds kind of antisocial, but trust me it's not - my work area is isolated from everyone else so there is little chance of chatter.
3. Christmas Cactus bloomed!!!! Yippee there is something good about today!!! I have had this little beauty almost 13 years and on a very rare occasion it blooms. Not due however to my loving and tender care :: it rarely gets water, has been knocked over by the cat and heaven forbid even cooked when left on a hot steam radiator!
So to leave you on a positive note....some lovely photos of these stunning pink flowers.

I am off to bed now, before something else goes wrong.... :-)
PS - sorry about the crap photos....no natural light by the time I get home from work.


marigold jam said...

Hope you have a better day today! I too have a Christmas cactus in full bloom at the moment - the colours are fabulous and really brighten the day don't they?


Around the hook said...

Wow! That cactus is such a survivor! What nice colour it has!

Never had an Ipod (well yes, for a month then I lost it, but I kind of didn't like it, I hate seeing people with plugs in their ears on the street!)
But Ohhhh The phone! I'm one who dies for it! *teenagers today* ;)

Hope you slept well!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

sounds like a very busy day!! i could live withouout my phone but defo not my ipod!! the pictures are great.
have a nice rest of the week.
Lucy xx

Annalisa said...

I dont have an ipod, but i woul like one!My phone is important to me which is way i have two phone!I love your Christmas cactus,is so nice!
Have a lovely day!