Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I can't think of a title for this post, words to describe it just escape me. A bit like the words I couldn't say when I was presented with this golden treasure. It very nearly ended up as trash - but I like to think I saved it.
You see there is this older lady that I work with who has experienced some challenges recently and I offered to help her with moving some items. Sadly some days it's a wonder she makes it to work as most days she is quite 'out there' so it was more like me moving stuff and her trying to remember what we were doing. She lost her very elderly mother last year and since that time has stored her mothers belongings in her garage. I met her mother several times, amazing lady who worked as a graphic designer during the '40s and '50s for large department stores. Anyway I'll try not to ramble. Whilst we were moving items she was ready just to throw most of it away, but fortunately she remembered my love of sewing and handed me her mothers sewing box!!! I was speechless! Thrilled she would give me something I consider such a treasure, but she literally said "you'll probably just want to put it in the trash". I have always regretted that I didn't hold on to my own mothers sewing box - unfortunately when she passed there were only so many items I could bring back to the US.
Anyway, enough of the details, let's take a look!
:: One rather dusty 1950ish sewing box! Needs a good clean, but it is in quite fine shape.
:: Loads of lovely treasures inside! Loads of different types of pins and needles and a fabulous box of buttons! Sorry my camera batteries died before I got photos of those -- and they are quite fabulous enough to be a post on their own!
:: Dozens of fabulous wooden spools of thread. I have been admiring these on eBay, so I am glad I didn't press 'bid' on any of them! Oh and I have to tell you, the thread on these wooden spools is so shiny and incredibly soft and silky. It's not silk though, the reels say cotton. I guess it's just a different quality from what we buy these days?
:: Lovely pure wool pin cushion. I was quite tickled when I turned it over to find the original label. I only recently found out that pure wool is the best fabric for a pin cushion as apparently any remaining lanolin from the wool stops pins from rusting. Although I have never had a problem with rusty pins :-)
:: One pair of lovely pinking shears......
:: and another pair of fabulous pinking shears! Super heavy they are, not like the 'new' ones I bought a few years back.
I think what i love most about this sewing box is that it has a 'story'. Something that one day when I pass it on to my children/grandchildren that I will be able to tell them and hopefully they will appreciate as much as I do. Stories just seem to make items so much more of a treasure to me.
PS - sorry for another post with crap photos. there simply isn't a speck of daylight left by the time i get home and weekends just seem consumed by other activities.


marigold jam said...

What a treasure! I hope you will have many happy hours using it. I don't think your photos wer bad at all but I know what you mean about light these days even in the conservatory during daytime I am not having much luck!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Its amazing how different a 1950's sewing box looks and how heavy the shears are compared to the cheap modern mass produced ones now!!!
Hope you enjoy your sewing.
Lucy xx

Annalisa said...

Oh, I have many sewing boxes, but wish I had an old one too! I love the pictures and the post, and love the shears!
:) have a good time sewing,

Tabiboo said...

That is beautiful and such a wonderful gift. I love boxes full of bits and bobs.

Nina x

Around the hook said...

OHHH how nice! It's lovely to find things or get them when you don't expect it!

When I was little I was digging in the earth on a kitchen-land belonging to one of my mothers friends. She has a huge garden and loads of things to do. And I actually found a big old rusty key. The size of one that can open a shed or something like that. I dreamed about it for years! And it has actually disappeared, I can't find it anymore. Like to think that it has hidden!

Have fun with discovering all the things in the box! :-)