Saturday, December 12, 2009

:: Forty-Two ::

Yep....another year older today. I know this may seem hard to believe, but I was actually up for almost an hour before I remembered! I've been so focused on Christmas that the day nearly past me by. Mr. VW and the J's reminded me with a lovely birthday song and a marvelous parcel of scrumtious yarn!
Anyway, this is really a Christmas post as I am quite delighted with my tree this year and I just had to share. Of course it looks way better in real life!!! The tree is just about all the decorating we do, although outside the house has a few pathetic lights on the front verandah.
One Little Christmas Quilt complete - quite happy with this, although don't look too closely at the crap hand stitching!

One Dozen snowflake ornaments from Lucy's tutorial!

One Middle J handmade stocking - I made this when I was on maternity leave after the arrival of Little J.

One Lovely (fake) Tree!

I realize that as much as I wanted to post the photo of the stocking, I couldn't come up with a creative way to cover up Middle J's real name - but I just love the way the stocking turned out so many years ago, I posted it anyway. So the gig is up - three boys with J names. Big J (James), Middle J (Jacob) and Little J (Jack). Not even the least bit intentional. Complete coincidence.
Happy weekend!


Annalisa said...

:) well happy birthday then!!!Love the tree and the decos you put on it...and the stocking oh, so lovely!!!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I wish I could sew like you can! It all looks great:P :)
Lucy xx

Around the hook said...

Happy Birthday Louise! Ohhh yarn as a present is a nice present!

Love the stocking, it looks great!
And for the J's I love love love love the name James! :-)

The quilt is fantastic! It looks so cosy!!!! :-)


Annalisa said...

Dear Louise it's still me, sorry but noticed just now your request on my "Meatloaf" post...
As for the recipe, I can publish it if you want, it's pretty easy. As for how put the eggs/carrot, it's not difficult: once you have prepared the "dough", flatten it on a surface, but make sure it's 2-3 cm thick. Put an egg to boil,then remove the eggshell, put the egg on the meat dough and wrap the meat around the egg and the carrot( carrot must be boiled as well)...I hope I explained well!!

Yiota said...

Happy Birthday!
You are so creative! Love the quilt!