Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's the last month of the year already, hard to believe winter is really here and Christmas is just around the corner! We've barely had but a flake or two of snow in our parts which is unusual, but my work colleagues in Juarez, Mexico tell me they had 3 inches on Monday! What on earth is going on in this world?
Last night, after failed attempts to take photos of the magnificent full moon, I noticed something a little out of place for December.......
:: White Snapdragon ::

:: Yellow Snapdragon ::

:: Pink Snapdragon ::

I don't ever remember these guys hanging around until December. But I was so thankful for their lovely colour and a reminder that spring will be back again some day.

After admiring their lovely colour, I quickly went back inside and started on some simple Christmas stitching, just to remind myself it is December :-)


Around the hook said...

Oh snapdragons, didn't know they were called that! In french it's "Gueule de loup", litteraly wolf's mouth.

Ohhh Xmas stitching!!! Sounds very interesting! :D

Annalisa said...

Wonderful flowers!hmm..Christmas stitching :) I'm stitching too these days!:) good work !Thank you for you lovely comments,

Goosey said...

Love the snapdragons but hasn't anyone told them it's winter! I still have roses and marigolds in flower!
I do like that christmas stitching, I have so much fabric I could use up in that way.