Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let it Snow!

Little J was squealing with excitement to wake up and see the white fluffy stuff this morning! He was not alone, so was I!

Time to change the flag I think!

The poor little snapdragons I posted about earlier this week are covered in a very thick blanket of snow. They are in baskets attached to the veranda railings which have disappeared under the snow! A rather shocking way for them to find out it's winter!
Remember this view a few posts back? Hard to believe this is the view in my back yard now!
I won't be hanging any washing up today!
I L::O::V::E the first snow of winter! :-)


marigold jam said...

Wow! It looks so pretty though.


The Garden Bell said...

Lucky you. We are just cold. Yeap, time to change the flag, did mine yesterday.

Around the hook said...

WOOOOW It's snowing as in really snowing!

I'm in love with your flag! Snoopy is actually inspired from beagles. It's such fun to see my Gipsy sometimes he looks just like Snoopy!

Hope little J's tumbling away and having fun!

Annalisa said...

lovely post,and beautiful pics!I love this landscape!
Have a lovely sunday.

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

WOW I wish it snowed here :)
have a nice week
Lucy xx

Felicity said...

oh its so pretty, joshy keeps asking me if its going to snow here! I'll have to show him your pictures! you might end up with a little visitor! fliss xx

Yiota said...


Around the hook said...

just checked in, see if everything is alright, havent seen any new posts, so well, hope everything is okay :-)