Friday, December 18, 2009

** Time **

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. I apologize to all the lovely blogs I visit on a regular basis for not leaving more comments recently. Time is being stolen from me on a daily basis as we race toward the big "C" day. My poor blog has been sadly neglected too. We are however forecasted to receive up to 16 inches of snow in the next 24 hours so I am sure I'll have plenty of time to catch up with Bloggerville.


marigold jam said...

Glad all is well with you - have missed you! Love your new banner and hope that you have plenty of provisions in if you are to be snowed in for a while! No snow here but very cold this morning.


Around the hook said...

Oh happy to hear from you!

Yes time flies by! I just can't imagine that Christmas is that soon. Still in university mood! Help!!!

Was thinking of you this night, with mom we couldn't sleep so we started trying to remember all the states in the USA! :)


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

We have just had snow and I hope yours is not too disruptive. Our snow has frozen into slippery ice and is now not so pleasant.
Lucy xx

Annalisa said...

No apologizes, but it's true we all missed you!
Glad you're back and oh, you're so right it will soon be Christmas...and still so many things to do!!have a lovely snowy weekend,