Monday, May 18, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus....

On Friday Little J and myself embarked on the annual 1st grade field trip. This years destination The Maryland Zoo at Baltimore. A mere 140 miles from home and a short 2 hour and 23 minute trip one way according to mapquest, unless you are riding one of these :-). Add at least another hour :: each way!
We departed home for the meeting point at 6:15am and arrived home almost exactly 12 very weary hours later. The children behaved remarkable well and as much as I dreaded spending 6 hours on a bus with strangers, especially in this small town were just about everyone but me has lived for generations (of the 8 mothers on the bus, three were taught by Little J's teacher who is now teaching their children!) the ride was relatively painless and I spent most of the time engaged in this .....
Here are a few of our favorites at the zoo....
The lovely (although a bit smelly) Artic Fox :: my favorite.
This one who has apparently escaped from his cage and is not capable of even one normal photo. (Although secretly my absolute favorite!)
The Polar Bear who on this rather warm day hopped in for swim and entertained us all.
The rhinos who quite frankly looked bored silly...
Cute little Samson who was a treat to watch rushing around his home.

And as much as we enjoyed our trip, we'll pass on further trips to this particular zoo - it involves far more walking than any I have been to previously (Perth, Melbourne, San Deigo, Smithsonian, London) and quite frankly there was very little to see. Although, it smelled very little like a zoo, the animals homes were quite nice considering it was after all a zoo my legs did not thank me at the end of the day and Little J said we should "think hard" before we "do this" again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunny Sewing Sunday

Happy Mothers Day! I actually had my mothers day lunch trip yesterday to avoid the crowds :-) A lovely trip to Olive Garden and a "buy what you want" trip to the fabric store. The little ladybug fabric below is to be made into a quilt for the sweet little girl next door.

This lovely fabric is the start of a stash to make a quilt for my bed. Design as yet undecided.

Again inspired by the lovely Lucy at attic24 I crocheted this sweet purse with a flower from her super simple tutorial.

My garden is growing beautifully this year thanks to a good combination of rain and sun. I love to look at the amazing detail of my pansies. They are like little butterflies.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get Well Soon....

The computer that is. Actually it is better after a rather pricey trip to the computer repair shop. Hence the reason for the blogging absence. About two months ago Mr. VW treated me to the "little" beauty below. I had a pokey slow desktop that I rarely got to use because Little J hated me being downstairs while he was upstairs playing in his room. This one I can litterally fit in my handbag! Anyway, stupid me let the virus software lapse and then I wasn't able to renew it and even though I hadn't gone on the internet, I transferred a file from my desktop that apparently had a virus! Not having my computer for a week was like missing an arm! A few stern words from Mr. VW and a trip to the 'puter doc it's all better now.

So to take my mind of my silly mistake I got sewing. You may remember me posting this pic a few weeks/months back.
My first attempt at what is apparently called a "little" quilt. I decided that we needed a touch of my home in our home, so i made this one and let it 'age' (my new term for being to lazy to finish something) in my quilt basket over the winter with the promise of adding the stars from the flag - still haven't done it but vow to by month end.
Then I decided I wanted to do something green and thought I needed to 'unite' the two flags of our household - so I made this one. I plan to hang all three of them together - USA, AUS and HOME (hence the house).
I am quite pleased with the way they turned out, although my camera refuses to do them justice!
Will try to blog again sooner than later....toodles...L